As integral as he is to the band, Tim Farriss is also its biggest fan, thoroughly enjoying everything the band did with an infectious glee. A guitarist of considerable skill – and a man with wit and wisdom to match – Tim is the heart of INXS in many ways…

Born 16 August 1957, in Perth, Australia, Tim is the oldest of the three Farriss brothers. Music was always a big part of Tim’s life, learning guitar at an early age. Attending Forest High School in Frenchs Forest, Tim fortuitously met Kirk Pengilly and soon put together a band with him called Guiness. After a time, Tim and Kirk combined with Andrew, Michael, Garry and Jon to form The Farriss Brothers (which later became INXS).

Tim initially managed the band, getting the gigs and handing out the money with Kirk. He is looked upon by his band members as a father figure and, along with Kirk and Michael, handled most of the publicity assignments up through 1997.

“Initially it was only Tim who believed we could go somewhere. He was always the car salesman, the one pushing us, getting us gigs and talking about us. We all just sat back and thought how good it was that we were living in a house together, playing gigs and getting free beer.” Garry Beers

Within the band, Tim exudes a kinetic energy that is so important to everything INXS. Songs like ‘Don’t Change’ and ‘Devil Inside’ all bear the unmistakable mark of Tim Farriss. Although Tim is not the main songwriter for INXS, he has contributed some amazing single B-side compositions over the years such as ‘Phantom Of The Opera’, ‘I’m Coming (Home)’ and ‘11th Revolution’, which have delighted fans with their powerful playfulness.

“Taking it as far as it can go has always been what INXS is about – and I love that!” Tim Farriss