“I’ve never had any bass lessons. I was learning the guitar for about nine months and was just terrible. I trundled off and bought the first bass I looked at. It was a Maya – a Les Paul copy – which cost me.” Garry Beers

Don’t let the passive demeanour fool you. With elastic-fantastic bass lines a specialty, Garry Beers is anything but a silent participant with INXS. Approaching his bass duties with the thunderous attack of one third of a power trio, but with the unassuming precision of a seasoned session player, Gary makes it all look so easy.

The eldest member of INXS, Garry Gary William Beers was born on 22 June 1957 in Manly, New South Wales. While attending Forest High School (and working at a local petrol station), a fortuitous meeting with Andrew led to Garry joining his band Doctor Dolphin, which led to The Farriss Brothers with Tim, Kirk and Jon, and the eventual name change to INXS in 1979.

Throwing in on band compositions like ‘Just Keep Walking’, ‘Don’t Change’, ‘The Swing’ and ‘Listen Like Thieves’ in the early days of the band kept Garry’s hand in the mix. However it was his innovative single “B-side” tracks like ‘Sweet As Sin’ and ‘Middle Beast’ which exposed his particular talents best.

“Our music was always meant to be a celebration and something personal to share with the world. That’s what it’s all about!” Garry Beers